Best Marketing Automation Platform To Use In 2019

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Best marketing automation platform to use

I know it sounds very general, but the best automation platform to choose is one that matches your business needs.


For example, if you are a small company and just starting out, you may not need a platform like Marketo or Eloqua. All you need is a basic platform that can create your landing page, spit it out, publish it, and do basic email campaigns and email drip. Sharp Spring plays at that level.


Another platform for small businesses is HubSpot. If you are somewhere in the mid-size price range, I would say go for Marketo Agency Partner. Trust me–the example I like to use is, after trying out many platforms going to Marketo is like going from driving a Toyota to a BMW with German engineering. At the enterprise level, there is Eloqua by Oracle,which offers a different set of functionalities.


At, we use Marketo to do many different tasks like email drip campaigns, ABM targeting, triggers and personalization. Marketo offers a wide range of options to support your sales and marketing teams, so if you are a small- to medium-sized business and you want to scale and future proof yourself, then I would say go for Marketo. I may be biased, but we became their partners after evaluating many different automation platforms. I hope that answers your question!

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