B2B Digital Marketing Makeover Case Study

B2B Tech Company Gets Digital Marketing Makeover

B2B Tech Company Gets Digital Marketing Makeover

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Improved UX for Audience Engagement Platform

Conferences i/o provides an innovative mobile Audience Engagement Platform that allows event organizers and presenters to interact with audiences for a rich, engaging experience at conferences and events. Founded by two entrepreneurs from Michigan State University who pitched the idea at a Techstars Startup Weekend in 2011, Conferences i/o started as a way for students to ask questions in class to their lecturers via their cell phones. The application, initially well received in K-12 and college classrooms, grew to include events when a conference organizer saw the platform’s features and decided to use it to engage audiences at a conference.

Today, Conferences i/o is used at events and conferences in 100 countries around the world. While the Audience Engagement Platform was taking off in the US and internationally, their internal digital marketing efforts had fallen by the wayside. Company leaders enlisted Digital Sparx Marketing to put a comprehensive digital marketing strategy in place to improve the user experience and generate leads.

The Problem

After being in business for seven years, Conferences i/o leaders thought it was time to put in place a Digital Marketing program that would focus on the following challenges:

  • SEO and Digital Marketing automation
  • A content marketing strategy to generate new leads
  • An appealing UI (user interface) and UX (user experience)
  • Marketing Automation Brand Differentiation & Positioning

The Solution

At the top of their wish list, Conferences i/o desired fresh, new branding for their public facing website. Building a site from the ground up provided the perfect opportunity to create a superior user experience on both web and mobile. In addition, the new site provided a vehicle to create new content to generate leads. The new site would effectively communicate their product’s features and benefits along with a Digital Marketing push to capture market share in the audience engagement space.

Digital Sparx Marketing formulated a solution that took into account the company’s goals and objectives. To address the challenges head on, the team designed a program to execute their strategies in two phases. In Phase 1, they designed the brand guide and created buyer personas to target their audiences. They built a user experience which included a new website launch with new content. In Phase 2 – they worked on executing Digital Marketing tactics through marketing automation and lead nurturing.

The Solution

The Results

A New Look and Feel

The Brand Guide and redesigned website creates a new web and mobile user experience that targets each marketing persona. The home page offers an improved UI that highlights the platform’s features along with headlines and detailed descriptions for a sophisticated UX.

A New Look and Feel

New Content

Free resources offered to viewers keep them informed and engaged with the company. Blog posts and webinars are produced with consistency. The monthly webinar invites industry guest speakers to join in the conversation. The content transforms the website into a lead generating machine.

Updated Design

The blog landing page is reordered with pleasing graphics to introduce each blog post.

The updated features page on the new website showcases the features of Conferences i/o with images of mobile phones rather than just listing the functionalities.

SEO and Digital Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation integrated with Marketo facilitates email campaigns and provides scoring for Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). Social Media helps to create brand awareness and amplifies the message. The marketing automation tracks all activities providing metrics for measurable outcomes.

Now, in addition to audiences raving about Conferences i/o’s Audience Engagement Platform, they can rave about their improved website as well.

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