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Company Races Ahead with SEO

After more than 55 years in business, Implementation Engineers ( needed a digital marketing program with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to drive traffic and leads. Previously, had dabbled a bit into SEO but no clear progress or metrics had been developed around SEO. For a consulting firm the size of that works with large international automobile manufacturing firms including Leyland Cars, Chrysler, Fiat, Ford and Volkswagen, surprisingly their own engine needed work. had a great domain name (important for Domain Authority) and over five decades had built a thriving consulting business with a strong reputation for service and results. However, their digital marketing had stalled with an outdated website, small digital footprint and no leads or sales generated from SEO. The leadership team at turned to Digital Sparx Marketing
for their expertise in digital marketing. In no time, Digital Sparx revved up the digital channel and SEO program.

The Problem

Formerly, relied on traditional sales channels, especially cold calls and in-person sales. They wanted a digital channel to generate Market Qualified Leads (MQL) for their B2B business. The company’s customers are large domestic and global firms with multi-year contracts which experience a long sales cycle ranging anywhere from several months to a few years.

Digital Sparx Marketing, big proponents of an ROI-driven SEO approach, set out to become’s extended marketing arm. They designed a new website, baked in SEO strategy, and began producing content marketing to drive SEO traffic.

The SEO objectives of’s leadership team:
  • Build a SEO program to gain traction on search engines
  • Drive organic traffic to their website
  • Get ranked on search engines for top industry keywords
  • Measure & report SEO results to show progress
  • Generate new leads from SEO to increase sales

The Solution

Just like diversifying a stock portfolio, tactics under the digital marketing channel are diversified and evenly spread so leads come from various sources. For, Digital Sparx Marketing diversified a digital marketing channel that contained various tactics such as SEO, content marketing, email marketing and website usability.

SEO Steps

The digital marketing channel includes a diversified portfolio of offerings to choose from for SEO tactics.

The roadmap to SEO success

The experts at Digital Sparx Marketing measure their SEO progress through the classic six-steps:

The Results

SEO drives inbound searches

A few different metrics are used to measure SEO, but ultimately the traffic and leads it drives are what count the most. Digital Sparx used new keyword buckets to broaden the coverage in search engines and drive more organic traffic for keywords around Performance Excellence topics. The goal was to match the metrics with the first objective, which was to increase leads and sales.

Digital Sparx Marketing improved’s SEO which led to a whopping 200%, significantly increasing leads generated during the first few months. Once the SEO was in place, throughout the funnel the site showed increases in all six steps of SEO measurements across the board along with a huge spike in organic traffic. Most importantly, started generating new leads from SEO which was the initial goal.

The results speak for themselves:

Step 1: Crawling – Pages crawled by Google and Bing increased by 400%

Step 2: Indexing – Increased by 60%

Step 3: Ranking – Metrics showed a huge spike in a matter of 4 months, from 6 to 139 new keywords

Step 4: Traffic – A 39% percent increase in traffic pre and post site launch

Step 5: Leads – Overall, an increase of 600% in new leads


Reporting back to the client

Digital Sparx publishes a monthly SEO Report Guide for the client to show the results and provide the company with the health of their SEO program. The measurements indicate how well the site performs MOM, the current status of pages indexed on the search engines, and how well the keywords are performing. The metrics show rank distribution, snapshots of traffic and popular pages visited. It also generates a leads report, which clients love to see. now has a solid marketing channel in place with metrics to show overall success of the SEO. Now, has tremendous visibility and gained traction in the digital marketing channel, allowing them to pull ahead of their competition. The digital channel is a success and monthly leads are pouring in. Thanks to help from Digital Sparx Marketing, SEO for is a winner!

“Our team takes a very holistic view of SEO and optimizes in support of business goals. For each one of our customers, we look at their specific goals and start customizing from there; it’s never a one-size fits all,” said Bob Tripathi, CMO.

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