Digital Sparx Marketing delivers strategic and execution-level expertise. Unlike other companies, we start with your end-marketing objectives in mind, whether it be sales, generating leads or acquiring new audiences. We take your business goals and reverse engineer the process to fit digital tactics to drive desired outcomes. With every engagement, we guarantee the results of our work. Clients know exactly what they will get at the start of our engagement.

We start with your business goals and marketing objectives in mind. Some call us performance marketers and others call us growth marketers – we just like to think of ourselves as results-driven digital marketers!

Quote Digital Strategy

Every business is unique and every buyer is unique. As a result, the strategic tactics for each business are unique. From the start, we make sure each marketing tactic is customized to generate a positive ROI. We work as an extension of your digital marketing team or, in many cases, we are our client’s marketing team. We are well-versed in working across all business areas within an organization interacting with many stakeholders. This includes aligning sales and marketing around goals, objectives, strategy and metrics.

Clients Love Our 3-Phase Approach

First, we build the Digital Infrastructure–the foundation on which your marketing and sales are built. We believe once you build a solid digital marketing infrastructure, your company can scale fast!

We put in place an end-to-end marketing process and some of the components include:

  • Building Marketing personas for your target audience segment
  • Brand differentiation & positioning strategy
  • Web and Mobile presence for your business including design
  • Engaging User Experience (UX) that aligns with your marketing personas
  • Marketing Technology platforms including Marketing Automation, Web Analytics, CRM, etc. (Marketo, HubSpot, Salesforce, etc)

Next, we dive deeper into your goals and create a marketing forecast for 3, 6, 12 months and beyond! A few components we plan during this phase include…

  • A Digital Marketing initiatives strategy
  • An SEO plan including keywords, content, and social media integration
  • Email Marketing including customized nurture & drip campaigns
  • Content Marketing that is personalized for your personas
  • Paid Advertising (Adwords, Facebook Display) for brand awareness
  • Social Media Management that aligns with your marketing goals
  • Demand Generation initiatives to drive new leads

Finally, we execute an Automation and Nurturing Program:

  • Lead/nurturing workflows to fill the sales funnel
  • Lead scoring and lead management
  • Demand Generation to attract new leads
  • Marketing Content to generate awareness
  • In-house capturing for leads
  • An Automation and Nurturing program
  • Account Based Marketing (ABM) to measure and score readiness
  • Sales Processes and Sales Charts to measure results
  • Alignment of all Sales and Marketing activities