Future of Progressive Web App Marketing for 2019 and Beyond

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Future of Progressive Web App Marketing

App marketing is a set of techniques with which your app can became visible to the users so it will rank on the top in app store. It is the best way to interact with the users from the time when they hear about your app to when they became your loyal customers. App marketing is actually optimizing and marketing an app with the built-in virality features that go into an app to make it successful. Just because you create an app doesn’t mean that people are going to download it. Therefore, you have to take certain steps to increase the user acquisition so more and more people will download your app.


A progressive web application (PWA) is a website that looks and behaves like a native mobile app. It combines the features of web browsing with an intuitive app-like experience without the barrier of needing to visit an app store to download an app. So a PWA is essentially a souped-up website. If an old-school website and an app had a child, that would be an PWA. A great example of a PWA is Spotify. If you think about Spotify, they have an app which stays on your phone, but they also have a PWA that stays on your desktop computer.

The reasons why people create PWAs are:

  • A PWA increases the speed tremendously
  • The experience offers everything that is available on the native website on your desktop
  • The PWA is https, meaning it’s secured
  • Many of the features are the same for an all-inclusive experience
  • A PWA is highly differentiated than your traditional website

To think about it in simple terms, you cannot just market a PWA like an app. You can actually have a solid stand alone business and just make money through the app, so that’s very different from a PWA. Many people use a PWA approach these days because you can control the experience, increase the speed and be more secure than a traditional app.

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