Short on marketing resources or expertise? Many companies think hiring a “Digital Director” or bringing a marketing team in-house is the way to go. But one person cannot do it all. And a Digital Marketing Department takes a team of strategic thinkers as well as hands-on creatives to get the job done. Many companies are rethinking their marketing strategies and hiring an outside Digital Marketing company. See why this makes sense for your ROI.

Why Hiring an Outside Digital Marketing Team Makes Sense

Hiring is expensive

Expanding your Digital Marketing by employing an agency is often less expensive than hiring in-house marketing professionals. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, the price of a bad hire is at least 30 percent of the employee’s first-year earnings.

Economy of Scale

A fully-trained Digital Marketing team is comprised of web designers, SEO experts, graphic designers, social media experts, webinar creators, content writers, and digital marketers. They often offer years of experience in their fields of expertise. When you hire an agency, you are hiring a team of top-notch Digital Marketing knowledge experts.

More Resources for Less Cost

Hiring an outside marketing company often makes sense and saves hiring costs, training costs and production costs, as well as time. Many agencies are small and nimble enough that their production rate is very high at an incredibly reasonable price.

Fresh Ideas from an Outside Perspective

Many agencies hire top creative professionals so their juices are always flowing to provide the best and brightest ideas to promote your business and communicate your message.


Digital Marketing agencies stay up-to-date with the latest in technology and typically are agency partners with technology platform providers who offer search marketing, social media advertising, content marketing, and conversion optimization.

Let Them Do the Legwork

You spend time doing what you do best–selling and growing your business while they do what they do best–the technology and creative end of the business. While they are working on building your Digital Footprint, you are busy running your business.

High Success Rate

Be sure to investigate their work and get referrals when you hire an outside company to do your Digital Marketing. Not all agencies are alike!

Let Digital Sparx Marketing be your extended marketing arm. We accomplish results in a short time frame achieving your business goals at a fast pace.

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