Personalizing Content For a Better Customer Experience

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Personalizing content for a better customer experience

Great question. As you design your web application — whether a product, an app or a simple old school website – be sure to build customer marketing personas and base your design on targeting those personas. Basically, there are two kinds of marketing personas: One is your current customer persona and one is your aspirational marketing persona.

In a typical flow you have a few stakeholders as part of your persona which may fall under:

  • Researchers/influencers
  • Approvers
  • Decision Makers

You determine their likes, dislikes, demographics psychographics and infographics so you are aware of your target audience. You can then create content that matches each persona for content personalization. As you generate content, there has to be something that resonates with each one of your personas.

You can use traditional persona targeting or use sophisticated tools where you can actually customize your designs for a better customer experience. Many tools are available for optimizing personas including Optimizely and Adobe Suite which both focus on the customer experience and targets different pages, call-to-actions, buttons, and colors to determine market preferences. The key is to know your market personas and personalize your content to meet their needs and wants.

Do you use marketing personas? How do you personalize your content? We’d love to hear from you!

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Hundreds of marketing professionals descended on this year’s Digital Summit Dallas on December 5, 2018 to network and learn about digital marketing. During Bob Tripathi’s session, Digital Marketing Trends in 2019, attendees asked questions and Bob answered! This is a compilation of a few sample questions from Bob’s Q&A from the event.

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