How Will the Dynamic Utilization of Analytics Change in 2019?

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How will the dynamic utilization of analytics change in 2019?

Basically, the question is how will analytics and the data-driven nature of marketing keep up with the pace of different tactics that marketers are going to try 2019. The answer is what many marketers have been doing for a quite a while–data-driven marketing.

Use Data-Driven Marketing

The beauty of data-driven marketing is you can obtain data fast to improve your marketing and implement those marketing changes quickly. Two areas of problems we see most marketers face is a continuous feedback loop. First, how the data comes over to marketers and how fast it comes in; and secondly, after you get the data what you do with it and how quickly you can implement those changes that the data is asking for. The other thing we see is marketers have many more tactics at their disposal than ever before: social, retargeting your display, paid advertising, organic, content, programmatic, etc.

Build an Infrastructure

The trick for marketers is to bring all those on one single dashboard as much as possible and then bring data to each of those tactics to see how to improve your marketing on a continuous basis. First, go into the infrastructure and determine how you are going to build your foundation. Then, make sure all the data coming through is getting distributed to the right channel and attributed to the right marketing tactic, because only then will the tactics have the dynamic flow of data on a weekly, daily and monthly basis. Finally, you can take data and inferences and make changes to your day-to-day campaign. The trick is not to stop being data-driven marketers, but to build a great infrastructure. Especially with the data-driven technology we have at our disposal these days, marketing is fairly easy and straightforward.

Channel Data to a Single Dashboard

The real challenge is how to bring everything on one single dashboard. If you can do that in terms of the infrastructure, you can have a continuous feedback loop. Because the tactics are going to increase, you will have many variables and different tactics to do testing so there’s no shying away from that, but don’t stop being a data-driven marketer. Just focus on building your infrastructure in such a way that there is a continuous feedback loop.

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