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How Content Marketers Can Get Customers to Say ‘Yes!’

How Content Marketers Can Get Customers to Say ‘Yes!’ - Podcast

You’re working like crazy to create tons of marketing content. So why don’t aren’t you getting the green light on sales? How do you engage your customers to take action? In this Bobcast, Bob Tripathi sits down with Message Strategist, Tamsen Webster, on why so much content falls flat. Learn why pain is an enemy of long-term change and how a sound content strategy can turn the red light to green moving a customer to ‘Yes!’

Tune into this BobCast to see what’s missing from your message. Find out:

  • What the red lights are that may be hindering your content
  • How people like to be perceived (and why this matters!)
  • What scares people away the most
  • Strategies used by companies that are successful

How Content Marketers Can Get Customers to Say ‘Yes!’

Our Guest Speaker for this episode:

Topher Kohan
Tamsen – Executive Producer of TEDx Cambridge

Keynote speaker, message strategist and “Idea Whisperer” Tamsen Webster uses her proprietary Red Thread method to help audiences, organizations, and individuals build and tell the story of their big ideas. The result? Real, transformative change.

Tamsen’s own Red Thread is woven through more than 20 years as a brand and message strategist. She holds an MBA in Management Communications and Organizational Behavior, an MA in Arts Administration (Public Relations and Crisis Communications) and bachelor’s degrees in American Studies and Marketing—but Tamsen believes she learned the most about inspiring change in her 13 years as a Weight Watchers leader.

Tamsen has been an Executive Producer of TEDx Cambridge, one of the largest and longest-running TEDx Talks in the world, as well as a globe-hopping keynote speaker on storytelling, branding, change management, and idea development, and a go-to consultant for enterprise companies like Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, and State Street Bank who want their big ideas to have an even bigger impact.

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