How Storytelling Impacts Marketing Psychologically - Market your Brand through Storytelling Podcast

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How Storytelling Impacts Marketing

How Storytelling Impacts Marketing - Podcast

In this episode of Bobcast, Bob talks with Michelle Stinson Ross of Apogee Results about how to market your brand through storytelling. Learn how marketers communicate through stories to psychologically connect with other humans at a basic level and how stories serve to stimulate human behavior.

In the podcast you will learn:

  • How storytelling resonates with humans
  • Ways behavior is stimulated through psychology
  • How humans connect to a brand emotionally
  • The 3-point arc of storytelling
  • Why the hero journey resonates with us all

How Storytelling Impacts Marketing

Our Guest Speaker for this Episode:

Michelle Stinson Ross
Michelle Stinson Ross – Conference speaker

Michelle Stinson Ross is an authority on digital marketing, particularly the convergence of content, search, and social media. She brings extensive knowledge of digital marketing techniques and years of experience working with B2B and B2C clients. Co-host of Search Talk Live. Michelle and a contributing writer for The SEMPost, Search Engine Journal, and Search Engine Watch. She has been a guest blogger Social Times, aimClear, and Search Marketing Wisdom, to name a few. Her passion for marketing makes her a favorite conference speaker at events like Digital Summit, Search Marketing Expo, Pubcon, and ClickZ Live.

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