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Launching a Social Media Advocacy Program

In this episode, we discuss how to launch a Social Media Advocacy Program inside your company. In this part 2 of our conversation, we dive into the trenches of advocacy program and a step-by-step guide.

In this episode, Casey Hall and Bob Tripathi discuss how you can:

  • Create repeatable processes for employees to follow
  • Creating metrics around Social Media Advocacy program
  • Make employee advocacy as an ongoing program as opposed to an one-time initiative
  • Provide Social Media resources and access to tools

Also, please listen to Part 1 where we discuss How to Turn Employees into Advocates

Launching a Social Media Advocacy Program

Our Guest Speaker for this Episode:

Casey Hall
Casey Hall, President, Lumberjack Social

Casey Hall has developed and deployed highly successful social media advocacy programs and works directly with executives to build their online authority and influence. He has created and managed global corporate social media strategy and implemented effective governance and oversight programs to ensure that those strategies were effective and sufficiently supported. This includes leading the Thomson Reuters Global Social Media Task Force. He successfully implements enterprise technology software solutions through requirements gathering, RFI, RFP, selection, negotiation, implementation, AP, and ongoing support.

Casey is a regular conference speaker and panelist at events including Social Media marketing World, Adobe Summit, Social Shake Up, Digital Summit, SocialMedia.Org, Incite Summit and many others.

He began this career as an attorney and enjoys log-rolling, martial arts, curling, and mountain biking. He lives in Minneapolis with his genius wife, two sons, and two dogs.

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