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Scaling Digital Marketing for B2B SaaS Companies


Building a Marketing function for a B2B SaaS company from the ground up can seem daunting as the pressure to generate leads, generate demand and create alignment with sales team can make or break your company. In this Podcast episode, our host Bob Tripathi chats with 3x SaaS champion Aaron Patrick Doherty on how to build a B2B Marketing function.

Tune into this BobCast episode and learn how to:

  • Build a demand generation function in your company
  • Hire, train and coach your marketing team
  • Marketing tactics that works for SaaS companies
  • How to create sales alignment and stakeholder alignment
  • And many other B2B SaaS marketing insights

Scaling Digital Marketing for B2B SaaS Companies

Our Guest Speaker for this Episode:

Aaron Patrick Doherty is a hands on marketing leader, driving more than a decade of Bruce-Banner-turning-into-the-Hulk type growth for B2B companies. When he’s not innovating with marketing data and technology, he’s focused on that other type of growth: raising two boys with his partner in the Boston suburbs. With him on LinkedIn or share your favorite growth hack at

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