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Marketing Predictions: 2019 Learnings to Implement in 2020

As we head into 2020, marketers love to predict on what marketing tactics will work in the new year. For BobCast, we thought of taking a different approach and instead create marketing predictions based on what we learned in 2019. After all, the past guides us into the future.
In this episode, we picked out top 10 tips collectively shared by our guest speakers that could be groundbreaking in 2020.

Tune in to this episode of BobCast and learn the following tips, to help you succeed in 2020:

  • The Importance of Marketing Planning
  • Marketing Channel Mix
  • Creating Actionable Content
  • Improving Your Email Deliverability Rates
  • How to Launch an Employee Advocacy Program
  • Getting Started with Podcasting in 2020
  • Conversion Optimization Testing Principles
  • Moving Towards Progressive Web Apps in 2020
  • Building a Digital Marketing Team
  • A Day in the Life of a CMO

Marketing Predictions: 2019 Learnings to Implement in 2020

Our Guest Speaker for this Episode:

Bob tripathi
Bob Tripathi, CMO & Founder at Digital Sparx Marketing


Bob Tripathi is a passionate, holistic Digital Marketing leader helping companies build their digital business and professionals transform their careers with marketing for 15+ years. He has co-authored a book, spoken at numerous conferences, written tens of articles, given interviews, created digital training workshops and spoken at hundreds of webinars.

Bob has marketing skills in both the B2C and B2B industry helping SMB’s and enterprises like Discover Financial, Sears Holdings, and many others achieve massive growth through his marketing skills and thought leadership. He is a self-starting entrepreneur and his passion for marketing led him to start Digital Sparx Marketing, a company specializing in digital services.



Megan, Digital Marketing Specialist at Digital Sparx Marketing

Megan is a Digital Marketing Specialist with over 6 years of marketing experience working in a variety of industry-leading companies. Megan enjoys helping companies scale their digital marketing to increase revenues, and has experience in a variety of digital marketing facets, including: content marketing, website analytics and design, email marketing, social media, and SEO. She has a BSBA in Marketing from Oklahoma State University and is passionate about digital marketing and data analytics.

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