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Master Your Mind, Master Your Life

Jeska Brodbeck talks with Bob Tripathi about mindfulness in the workplace. Jeska is a full-time mindfulness and performance coach based in Miami, Florida and owner of the company Be Light Consulting, where she offers mindful performance coaching & yoga instruction for business professionals throughout the U.S. In this Bobcast she reveals how:

  • Yoga, meditation and mindfulness are tools for productivity
  • Paying attention to the present moment leads to awareness
  • Shifting into mindfulness can reduce stress and increase longevity
  • Accessing the locus of power and flow promotes creativity and goal setting

Master Your Mind, Master Your Life

In this Podcast Jeska and Bob discuss:

  • How mindfulness leads to change
  • Setting a morning meditation routine
  • Reducing stress and minimizing distractions in the workplace
  • The Eisenhower matrix for task management
  • How to create company culture through authentic leadership

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