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Expand Your Digital Marketing Footprint – Part 2

Find out how Digital Marketing reinvigorated a 50-year-old consulting management company. Mike Petsas, SVP of Sales and Marketing at Implementation Engineers, reveals the reasons why his consulting management company switched from a traditional sales model to digital marketing. In this episode, Mike and Bob discuss:

  • Top Digital Marketing tactics
  • How much budget to allocate to paid marketing vs organic
  • Processes and systems to ensure your Digital Marketing is going per plan
  • Metrics for measuring your Digital Marketing initiatives

Expand Your Digital Marketing Footprint – Part 2

In this Podcast:

  • How to become an industry thought leader
  • Creating free resources and content to generate leads
  • Paid vs organic lead generation
  • Metrics for measuring Digital Marketing objectives

When it comes to content marketing start with only a few things and do them well

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