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5 Steps to Create Great Content with The Laws of Attraction

Oprah subscribes to it. Jim Carrey gives motivational speeches about it. Great thinkers like Shakespeare and Newton convey messages about it in their many works. It’s one of life’s greatest mysteries. Simply put, the Law of Attraction is the ability to attract whatever we focus on by using the power of positive thought to attract positive outcomes.

Like the Law of Attraction, content marketing works to attract and engage people with multiple customer touchpoints across a number of digital channels. Content marketing is one of the best ways to attract people and convert leads, as 78% of customers say they prefer getting to know a company from articles rather than ads.

Since content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads, B2B marketers are relying more on content for brand awareness, lead generation and customer retention. However, to create content that works well takes positive thought, intelligence and clarity, some of the same concepts as the Laws of Attraction.

Let’s apply the Laws of Attraction to create better content with the following 5 steps:

  1. Attract What You Want
  2. Be Clear on Your Purpose
  3. Be Intentional with Your Communication
  4. Visualize Success
  5. Take Action

Humans have an uncanny way of seeking out content they like and need. If they have a problem to solve, they look for answers. Today, they go online. How customers go about finding and engaging with you online is largely up to you.

Read on to apply the philosophies of the Law of Attraction to transform your business through content marketing.

Law #1: Attract What You Want

The first rule of thumb is to know your audience. One of the perils of content is when marketers go in circles creating content without knowing ‘who?’ they are creating it for. To attract the right customer, you must be very clear on who you want to attract as your customer.

Unless content creators know who they want to target, the content will never capture their prospect’s interest because it will fail to address their needs or preferences. This is why marketers are well advised to build buyer personas. Buyer personas are a great way to gain awareness and focus on the customer you want to attract.

Target Your Audience with Buyer Personas

The average buying life cycle generally involves several stakeholders at three levels within the organization, so you need to target content to various audiences.

Let’s explore some of the marketing personas:

  • Influencers/Researchers – Managers or specialists who influence a certain project or buying decision.
  • Approvers – Directors or VPs who approve a project or make the decision to say yes, we need this specific purchase.
  • Decision Makers – CEOs, CMOs who sign on the dotted line.

Attracting and engaging the different buyer personas requires targeting relevant information to the right personas using content they prefer. Consider this: An influencer/researcher may be inclined to read a blog, while an approver might only have time to listen to a podcast on her way home from work. A decision maker may be more likely to read in-depth industry news like whitepapers or ebooks.

Like Attracts Like. By researching buyer personas, you learn who your customers are ― and who they aren’t. You will never reach your target audience unless you truly take the time to know and understand how your customer thinks and responds.

You attract the same type of energy you emit. When you meet your customers on their terms and in their language, you are more likely to attract, and retain, the customer you want.

Law #2 – Be Clear on Your Purpose

The second rule of thumb is to know your purpose. The Law of Attraction states that you’ll attract what you want into your life or business when you become deliberate and intentional about your purpose. Once you become clear about the type of customer you want to attract, you can begin focusing on the relevant topics and information that appeals to them.

You need to ask, what is your customer’s ‘why?’ Content works best by addressing people’s challenges or pain points―they need a reason to look for you in the first place and need a convincing argument to stick around.

Come from a position of empathy and think about the world through your customers’ eyes. Create content that lures traffic to your site by addressing their needs. Your goal is to attract potential customers who are the most likely to want what you have to offer. You do this by addressing their pain points and posing solutions.

Only until you understand their pain points can you begin forming topics to capture their attention. When you address their specific challenges head-on, you can create content that resonates with them because it works to solve their problems. This is how you become clear on your purpose.

Law #3: Be Intentional with Your Communication

When you become intentional with your communication, your message becomes more accessible and readable. Create content that grabs your reader’s attention by creating a ‘hook’ to draw them in. An interesting business statistic, quote or poignant thought works well.

Once you’ve created an effective hook, include some background information surrounding your topic and then introduce what your article will be about.  Clearly state the purpose or argument of the article and topics you will cover right up front. Essentially, tell them what you are going to tell them.

Answer the ‘what,’ ‘when’ and ‘how’ in the body of your content. This is the meat, so make sure it is weighty and serves to educate. Propose specific solutions to their problems and how your solutions can affect their business. Continually ask, ‘how will this benefit them.’

Effective ways to provide solutions are stating your points in easy-to-read lists: ‘5 Ways to ____,’ or ‘23 Tips for ___.’ Bullets points and subheads make your document more readable and accessible to your audience as well.  

When you come from a position of problem-solving with easily-answered, personalized, and helpful content in your blogs and on your site, your customers will appreciate what you have to offer.

People will look to your expertise when you position yourself as an empathic and helpful advisor. Help buyers by showing you understand their challenges and take steps to communicate with clarity and intention. Appealing to humans is as simple as meeting their needs and treating them as unique individuals.

Law # 4- Visualize Success

The third Law of Attraction helps you to present yourself and your company with confidence. Michael Jordan is a huge proponent of using visualization for sports and business success. Thinking positive thoughts helps you maintain a positive expectancy and helps you position yourself with certainty.

Decide with conviction that what you want will absolutely happen and this attitude will pour over into your content. Visualize yourself as successful and begin using powerful statements in your headlines and copy about your company and what it can do for others. If you believe in your product and services, so will your customers.

Law #5: Make Users to Take Action

You only get what you ask for. When creating content, one of the most effective ways to persuade customers to act is with a call to action in one or two sentences in your closing paragraphs. The CTA buttons positioned around your site also encourages them to take action.

Common call to actions are Learn More, Read More, Contact Us, Connect, follow us or share on social media, or sign up for events, demos or offers. Strategically position your CTAs and use content creatively to entice them to click.

Give hints to contents without giving away the answers. Use friendly dialogue that piques their curiosity. Phrases like, ‘The one secret you should know,’ or ‘Click to find out how to be the best.” You get the idea.

The name of the game is driving visitors to your site, engaging them with content that appeals to them, and converting them into customers and promoters — and you can create multiple types of CTAs that serve different audiences and accomplish those goals.

The real secret to harnessing the Law of Attraction is to increase your awareness about your customers and what you want out of your marketing efforts. When you create content with intention and clarity and your outlook is positive, you will drive more traffic and turn more leads into happy customers.

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