Budget Allocation for Paid Marketing vs Organic Lead Generation - Video

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How much budget do you allocate to your paid marketing versus the organic lead generation?

Debbie: Right. So how much budget do you allocate to your paid marketing worth versus the organic lead generation? And you’ve done a lot here for, implementation.com.

Debbie: You talk a little bit about that, Bob, about paid marketing versus organic regeneration.

Bob: Yeah. As I said, I’m a big believer and in going organic, you know, I really think, pais is just optimizing it. You know, it’s also the lazy way of doing marketing. It’s very easy to pay money and buy traffic. Right? That’s what it comes down to. And that doesn’t leave doesn’t have a place for that. So typically what we recommend is have a split of 30, 30, 30, where you have 30% paid. You have, um, you have, what do you call it, I would say another 30% in the content side of it, the organic, and then you have another 30% on your own side of things like the owned media side of things, like your content marketing, email marketing. And that’s how you basically have to have a pie. You have equal distribution among organic, your content, your email, and then paid side of it.

Debbie: Okay anything to add there, Mike, about your organic lead generation being employed by implementation.com?

Mike: No, I think it was important because we thought about going out and, and paying for advertising and getting leads. But the problem with that is the conversion rate is so low because, they may not want to hear what we have to say. We just got in front of them through paid. So I think organic for us as is very important and to be quite honest, we have a pretty long list of previous clients that, we just let go cold and we need to build up that list again.

Debbie: Okay, Yeah. Takes a lot of work to build that organically generation, but it really works hard for you once it’s grounded and done. Okay.

Bob: Yeah. And I think one more thing I may add, Debbie, is also you have to look at your brand blended CPL, right? Your Cost Per Lead. So you have to look at a blended model, you know, so if you’re going to pay and then if you have organic than what is that a blended looked like? Sometime it’s okay, you’re spending money in the beginning because you don’t have any traffic. You don’t have any leads and your sales team is sitting there and they need leads and it’s fine. But even down the road, you have to build that organic channel and then start spending money. So then you have a blended cost per lead, which is how much is paid, how much is organic. Because at the end of the day, you have to manage the blended CPL versus the volume of e leads, so that is above mediations and combinations, and then you’re going to hit a ceiling when it comes to paid marketing. And then, after that is a diminishing curve..

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