Top Digital Marketing Tactics That Generate More Sales - Video

Digital Marketing Video

Top Digital Marketing Tactics That Generate More Sales – Video

Debbie: What are some top digital marketing tactics they use at Implementation Engineers? Talk a little bit about that Mike, and then we’ll have Bob discuss digital marketing tactics.

Mike: I think for us it was we needed to have a better foundation, so that was a big part of it. Do we have a website that is up to par that matches our personas? And then for us it was content next. And I know Bob will go into it a bit in the content piece. And Debbie, you’ve helped a great deal with that as well. But what are the things that we want to build to show who we are? And it’s really tough when you’re in a service industry because we don’t have a tangible product, right? Our people provide services and it’s fantastic. And we do a great job. But how do you get that across to potential clients? So building out the content for us and getting that to our current customers and potential customers, was extremely important.

Debbie: So that you are positioned as a thought leader?

Mike: Correct.

Debbie: Because you do fantastic consulting work all across the globe. It’s so fascinating and impressive. Oh, y’all do so many things. So those digital marketing tactics support your efforts.

Mike: Yeah.

Bob: I was just gonna say, and not just working fantastically, but some of the clients that they have a really big, big enterprise companies. So then that means that the type of content that you asked earlier about different personas is when you create content, the language has to match that audience, right? If you’re talking to a CEO of a huge company with a hundred thousand plus employees, the language that you have to bring in into that piece of content has to be very rich and it has to be at that level. So when we started, since you’re asking what are the r top digital marketing tactics, what we thought was, you know, is how can we do more with less, if you will? You know, so the easiest thing to do, for most people would be to go out on Google and buy up some ads on page search and Google AdWords or by Facebook display ads.

Bob: So we didn’t do that. We went the organic route, which is hard and it takes time. But we took the hard things first. So we created tons of content. Exactly. we created tons of different categories of content, like case studies, white papers, webinars, like this one, ebooks and blog, which you contribute to a lot. And, the goal was to create a lot of free resources, and, and give it to people, you know, and that is going the organic route. So I would think, content worked really well for Implementation. So you might do that.

Mike: Yeah, I think there’s so many things we’ve done over the last 50 years and thousands of different projects that you sometimes lose sight of how important it is to our clients. It was great for us. We move on to the next one, we solve one difficult problem and tackle the next one. And sometimes we forget to share that with other people. So one, it’s also being current. So one of the tactics is as trends change within an industry, you know, going from slow down to growth and making sure that we talk about the great things that we’ve done to help our clients in a growth period. You know, it’s important to not only have the historic content, but also a contemporary content that, the problems we’re solving today.

Bob: Yeah, I mean, what it basically means is you, showed the slide, Debbie, where you have three different personas and you know, as you’re ready, we’ll load the goal of creating these difference resources as each persona is going to be attracted to different types of content. So somebody at a CEO level, C suite level wouldn’t be sitting on a Webinar. Probably they will watch the recording, which they are more prone, or they’re more likely to download your ebook that you created, which is the 10 ways or 5 ways for Performance Excellence. And they will just browse through it. Right? And you know, somebody had to researchers, space analyst space, they might listen to weapon, they might join the Webinar. So that is what it is. And yeah this is the repurposing content.

Debbie: Yeah repurposing content. So this is a great way to make your marketing and using a lot of different places and it also generates leads. So you want talk a little bit about that? Mine?

Mike: Yeah. So one of those challenges we have is we spend a lot of time on, on client sites. We’re, you know, we’re quite busy and you know, we don’t always have the time to contribute to the development of new content. So,, one of the things that we began doing was repurposing content. So having one event or something like a Webinar and then adding to it and modifying it for different, uh, you know, for posts on our blog or for linkedin or short bite sized videos. And I think that’s really important because there are people that consume information in different ways. You know, myself, I don’t want to read a 30 page white paper, but if you give me the five or eight key bullet points in an insights blog post, I’m going to review that. So that was something really important that we did over the last year.

Debbie: Wow. It looks like he’s got a lot of resources and some great content there.

Bob: Yeah. And I think, the point is how can we do more with less because it doesn’t matter the size of the company, you know, the enterprise, the mid size or startups, everyone is resource constrained, you know, and so everyone has the same problem and you really cannot create new content, you know, tons of content. So what you have to do is take a top level content, like, what we started doing a for Implementation and was we started creating a webinar and out of those webinars, which was the top level content, we started repurposing that into a blog post a week, ended up creating and do an Ebook and industry Insights/white paper, a social media post and things like that, you know. And that’s really the trick about content, otherwise you will just end up on a perpetual and infinitely producing content, which is not scalable.

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