Best Practices for Creating Company-Wide Digital Marketing Buy-In - Video

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What are the best practices for creating company-wide digital marketing buy-in?

Debbie: So Mike, what are the best practices for creating company wide digital marketing buy in? How did you get everybody on board?

Mike: Yeah, so I think I had mentioned previously about it was important to bring sales and marketing together, right? And we brought the leadership team together as well. And getting the alignment, with that group was very important. The next thing was we selected a number of different people across functions to be a part of the team. And that was really important because everyone had ideas on what the website should look like, what our branding should look like, what type of marketing tactics we should use. So we put together a cross functional team, our own influencers, if you will, and some of our leaders to work together. And the first thing we had to do was, I have a propensity to want to boil the ocean. Let’s go solve world hunger and the ocean. And, Bob said, wait a minute, we’ve got to get some wins under our belt. So we actually started small–let’s show that we can put a plan together in the next two weeks, put something together, get it done, and see the results. And so it’s very important to get quick wins under your belts. And that’s extremely important in what we did. And also making people a part of this because we’ve got great insight from people who are meeting with our clients all the time. They should be a part of our marketing team. So we actually see our entire company as part of the marketing team.

Bob: Yeah. And I, I just want to add in and thanks Mike. I forgot about all that. But the power of small wins is so critical. Whatever you’re doing, you know, it doesn’t matter how likable you are are, how friendly you are, but the people start respecting your work and your initiatives once you show them some small wins. And you know that traditionally what happens in organizations is people just go out and go out for their top level goal and they just go chasing after that. But the real value is you look at those small goals, whatever it is, you know, and if you are in a large business and you have six different business units, take the smallest business unit, right? And then make the biggest impact because sometimes you can make big impact, uh, with a smaller project or a smaller business unit and then take that data and then create a company wide buy in depending on the size, you know, same, it works with digital marketing. That’s exactly what we did. We worked on small projects, we showed the events and that’s when people start believing you, right?

Debbie: Yeah, true results.

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