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What was the tipping point for making the switch to Digital Marketing?

Mike Petsas, SVP of Sales and Marketing at Implementation Engineers, discusses the reasons for switching from a traditional sales model to digital marketing to generate new sales leads. Learn why 45% of marketing spend is in digital marketing.

And so Mike, with implementation engineers, they are an older company, what was the tipping point for making the switch to digital marketing for you guys?

Mike: Yeah, so I think the reason for making the switch and the tipping point for us really was, you know, we’re an older company, but, uh, in traditional consulting management consulting, operational consulting, the sales model was always make cold calls, make dials, get a meeting and go sell. There are some challenges with that. One of the challenges we found was when a salesperson retires or leaves or goes to a different company, they take all of their leads with them. So we lose that book of business.

We also aren’t providing value to our customers between the time we make calls. So when we sit down in front of a customer, you know, we have a great, they have a great experience with us. They learn about what we do, they get some insights from us. But the problem is it’s only an hour. Once every six months. So we really wanted to make a transition to digital marketing. One to have a front end engine that provides leads when they’re ready. Um, so that we can nurture them along the way, and to just for growth. And so we saw the markets were changing, people aren’t responding as well to cold calling. We had to do something a little bit differently. So, you know, about a year and a half ago, I was an Operations, I wasn’t a sales and marketing leader at that time. I said, Hey Mike, can you come up with a better way to do what we’re doing? So I actually had to reach out and find out, well, what is, what are the trends in the industries? How do we take the good things that we’re doing today but add to it with a digital platform and digital marketing?

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