Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends Webinar - Drive Results in 2019

Digital Marketing Webinar

10 Ways to Drive Digital Marketing in 2019 – Webinar

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As our planning season kicks into high gear, marketers need to work on their plans for 2019. The most important factor to remember is which tactics stay in and which ones need to go.

The Digital Marketing industry will cross $105 Billion in digital media spend by 2019 and that means marketers need to become smarter with their digital marketing tactics whether be it search marketing, display advertising, online video, email marketing, content marketing, web analytics and more.

Expert speaker :

  • Bob Tripathi


  • On Demand


  • 60 Minutes

Attend this free webinar and learn:

  • Creating Digital Marketing strategy in 2019
  • Marketing planning worksheets and other models
  • The role of AI and Technology in 2019
  • Integrating Social Media, SEO, Content, & Email marketing
  • Digital Marketing research for 2019 and beyond
  • Spend optimization & budget allocation

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Speaker Bio:

Bob Tripathi

Bob Tripathi is a passionate, holistic Digital Marketing leader helping companies build their digital business and professionals transform their careers with marketing for 15+ years. He has co-authored a book, spoken at numerous conferences, written tens of articles, given interviews, created digital training workshops and spoken at hundreds of webinars.

Bob has marketing skills in both the B2C and B2B industry helping SMB’s and enterprises like Discover Financial, Sears Holdings, and many others achieve massive growth through his marketing skills and thought leadership. He is a self-starting entrepreneur and his passion for marketing led him to start Digital Sparx Marketing, a company specializing in digital services

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