10 Challenges Digital Marketers Face - Learn to Overcome, Free On-Demand Video

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10 Challenges Digital Marketers Face


Are you generating leads? Creating enough content? Happy with your digital marketing team? What is your biggest marketing challenge? Watch Bob’s keynote speech from Digital Summit in Atlanta and learn how to overcome the top 10 marketing challenges companies face in today’s digital world.

Watch this special presentation and learn how to:

  • Bring data from multiple platforms on one dashboard
  • Build a strong digital marketing team
  • Cover all the bases for SEO
  • Improve customer experience
  • Simplify content for more impact
  • And more!

Expert speaker:

  • Bob Tripathi, Digital Sparx Marketing

Digital Summit 2019:

  • On-Demand Video


  • 30 minutes

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Expert Speaker

Bob Tripathi is a passionate, holistic Digital Marketing leader helping companies build their businesses with digital marketing for 18+ years. He speaks at numerous conferences, has co-authored a book and written many articles, grants interviews, creates digital training workshops and has hosted hundreds of webinars.

Bob has B2C and B2B marketing skills helping Startups, SMB’s and enterprises like Discover Financial, Sears Holdings, iEmployee.com and many others achieve massive growth through digital marketing skills and thought leadership. He is a self-starting entrepreneur and his passion for marketing led him to start Digital Sparx Marketing, a company specializing in digital services.

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