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Strategic Content Marketing – How to do more with less

strategic content marketing

DIGITAL SUMMIT : On-Demand Video

Its a wild wild west out there when it comes to content marketing. Content has become a virtual arms race with marketing departments hyper focused on creating tons of new content. But as savvy marketers we realize that it is the qualitative content that hits the mark everytime as opposed to number of content pieces produced each week.

Watch this conference video where our founder, Bob Tripathi, talks about creating “Strategic Content Marketing” to a room full of marketers at the Digital Marketing summit conference. Get instant access now to this 30 minute live presentation video with his presentation slides (yours to keep!).

Few topics you’ll learn after watching this video includes how-to:

  • Identify key elements of the content marketing process that you can use in building an actionable strategy for your brand
  • Target customer personas aligned with your brand by creating & sharing original or repurposed content that they can relate to
  • Tap into buyer intent & customer behaviors in the process of optimizing your marketing content
  • How SEO should be integrated as part of content process
  • Many other actionable content marketing takeaways!

Expert speaker:

  • Bob Tripathi, Digital Sparx Marketing

Digital Summit 2019:

  • On-Demand Video


  • 30 minutes

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Expert Speaker

Bob Tripathi is a passionate, holistic Digital Marketing leader helping companies build their businesses with digital marketing for 18+ years. He speaks at numerous conferences, has co-authored a book and written many articles, grants interviews, creates digital training workshops and has hosted hundreds of webinars.

Bob has B2C and B2B marketing skills helping Startups, SMB’s and enterprises like Discover Financial, Sears Holdings, and many others achieve massive growth through digital marketing skills and thought leadership. He is a self-starting entrepreneur and his passion for marketing led him to start Digital Sparx Marketing, a company specializing in digital services.

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