B2B Content Marketing Suggestions For Better Conversions

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B2B Content Marketing Suggestions

This is one of my favorite areas because in B2B so many avenues for content are available. In the B2B world, decision making is not done by a single individual, but by several stakeholders who are involved. The real answer for personalized content marketing is to create buyer personas that target each stakeholder.

For example, basically three tiers exist within any organization:

  • The researcher who looks at the situation. They are also the influencer for a product.
  • From there it goes through the approver, who is typically a director or VP who approves whatever is sold in the B2B space.
  • From there you have the decision maker, who is a main boss, either a CMO, Senior VP or CEO who signs on the dotted line.

Sometimes, multiple people are under each of these three stakeholder roles. So now think about creating the kind of content that can indirectly influence these three people: the researcher/influencer, the approver and the decision maker.

One of the tactics that works well is a webinar. First, create a webinar which targets the researcher/influencer. From the webinar, create an ebook which is at a slightly higher level to target the decision makers and the approvers at the VP and director level. From that ebook, you can sometimes create a case study, which again hits the decision makers because they are interested in looking at the ROI, tangible results and case studies.

Therefore, my content marketing tip for B2B is to create one form of content and then repurpose it in several different content format types to hit the various target personas: the researchers/influencers, approvers and decision makers.

Do you have great ideas for generating engaging content marketing? We’d love to hear your stories and ideas.

Hundreds of marketing professionals descended on this year’s Digital Summit Dallas on December 5, 2018 to network and learn about digital marketing. During Bob Tripathi’s session, Digital Marketing Trends in 2019, attendees asked questions and Bob answered! This is a compilation of a few sample questions from Bob’s Q&A from the event.

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