Best Lead Generation Tips and Tricks for B2B Marketing

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Best Lead Generation Tips and Tricks

This is a tricky question because it’s like asking for the recipe for the secret sauce. Since there is no one best lead generation program, there is no one right answer. In B2B, look to your audience to know how you can best educate them. Think about how you can educate your customers or your prospects, or whomever you come in contact with, on the web. This will determine the best lead generation tactic for your business. Once you begin educating people, you attract registrations, and then you nurture them to convert into sales leads over time.

Use Webinars to Educate

One of the best ways to educate is by creating a series of webinars. Decide on a topic that resonates with the audience, then either host the webinar yourself or invite experts to speak. From the webinar, work on repurposing the content. From one webinar you can feasibly write an ebook, create blog posts or produce preview videos of the webinar to post on social media and other channels.

Webinars and repurposing content is one of the best lead generation tactics you can use to educate your customers. Other lead generation tactics include email marketing. These days it’s not just lead generation which is important, but the context for how you’re going to reach out to your prospects. Once you have a context, then the conversation flows really well. So that’s my best lead generation tip. Sorry I can’t give you a recipe for the secret sauce for you to go and run with, but marketing is a process.

What is your favorite lead generation program? How do you go about educating and connecting with your customers? We’d love to hear from you.

Hundreds of marketing professionals descended on this year’s Digital Summit Dallas on December 5, 2018 to network and learn about digital marketing. During Bob Tripathi’s session, Digital Marketing Trends in 2019, attendees asked questions and Bob answered! This is a compilation of a few sample questions from Bob’s Q&A from the event.

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