Why B2B Midsize Companies Should Hire an Outside Digital Marketing Team

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Why B2B Midsize Companies Should Hire an Outside Digital Marketing Team

Midsize companies know digital marketing is the fastest way to scale their business and increase revenues. But the debate rages on about whether to hire an in-house team or use an outside digital marketing services company to address their marketing requirements.

In our resource-constrained world, hiring and retaining marketing staff can be a challenge. Many companies think hiring a “Digital Director” or bringing a marketing team in-house is the way to go. But one person cannot do it all–a Digital Marketing Department takes a team of strategic thinkers as well as hands-on creatives to get the job done. Many companies are rethinking their marketing strategies and hiring an outside Digital Marketing company. Even with a department, marketers look to outside resources for creative input and technological expertise. See why this makes sense for your profitability.

More Resources for Less Cost

Hiring an outside marketing company often makes sense and saves hiring costs, training costs and production costs, as well as time. Smaller agencies are small and nimble enough that their production rate is very high at an incredibly reasonable price.

Smart people have come to realize there’s only so much you know, but the smart thinking comes in knowing what you don’t know. And that’s when you bring in an outside agency–to fill in knowledge gaps. An outside digital marketing team is a valuable resource for navigating strategies when it comes to using paid search, social media, SEO, content marketing UX and more. Especially in the field of digital marketing, partnering with an agency often results in strategic decisions that can increase revenues quickly at a fraction of the cost it takes to hire and ramp up staff.

Fresh Ideas from an Outside Perspective

Many agencies hire top creative professionals so their juices are always flowing to provide the best and brightest ideas to promote your business and communicate your message.

What companies find is when they bring in more people and share their business goals, more innovative ideas come along with it. With more innovative ideas, the business progresses. Ultimately, the customer is the beneficiary of what agencies do on the back end to support digital marketing in the way of content creation, SEO, data automation and analytics. When smart ideas impact your customer, conversions and revenues increase, hitting your bottom line.

Up-to-date technology

Digital Marketing agencies stay up-to-date with the latest in technology and typically partner with technology platform providers who offer search marketing, social media advertising, content marketing, and conversion optimization.

When you look at the marketing function, especially digital marketing, the fact is, there are so many tactics to choose from. Paid tactics–PPC, services, display ads, retained advertising, YouTube ads and re targeting ads on the program side. Then you have the organic or earned side–like SEO and social media. And finally the owned assets which take time to build like content marketing and contact lists–the resources that take time and effort to build. Smart business owners and marketers realize with so many tactics available and so few people, they cannot do it all. The key is to choose specific tactics and do them amazingly well. This is where an agency comes in–to help refocus efforts with technology to make a difference.

Hire an Outside Digital Marketing

Let Them Do the Legwork

Hiring an agency can allow you to spend time doing what you do best–selling and growing your business, while they do what they do best–the technology and creative end of the business. While they are working on building your digital footprint, you are busy running your business.

In a midsize company, the goal is to grow the business. With so many digital marketing tactics, one or two people cannot do it all, so you need a team of at least five people to work and scale faster. In that situation, companies should ideally hire one person in house to work with an external partner who can offer the technology and creative support a needs.

Even if the company has an in-house team, they need creative people who will bring in new ideas. A small agency is nimble and can get things done fast. They have creative people who offer more out-of-the-box thinking and that’s what you need–smart ideas and the ability to get data faster and create content faster.

Check out their Success Rate

When you hire an outside company to do your Digital Marketing, be sure to investigate their work and get referrals. Not all agencies are alike!

Do you have experience with hiring a Digital Marketing agency? We would love to know your thoughts.

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