Will Organic Search Rankings Be Irrelevant In 2019?

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Will organic search rankings be irrelevant in 2019?

This question has been around for many years now. As search engine marketers know, SEOs measures ranking, so if your keyword is at number 1, number 2 or number 3, is that relevant? What happens is ranking as a measure of success has been irrelevant for many years now. Therefore, nobody measures the performance of their SEO by rankings anymore. But what they are measuring on SEO is once indexed, how you rank in certain places because there’s a lot of importance placed on personalization with SEO these days.

Therefore, SEO is an indicator, but not the exact measure of how your SEO program is doing. No one who looks at SEOs, including us, has stopped measuring ranking. But ranking is just one indicator, so if you look at SEO, the classic scenario is whether it’s crawling, and once you have crawling, then if it’s indexing. If it is indexed, then the search engines are ranking you, so you get traffic, then conversions, which translates to sales. That’s the typical linear funnel or linear format of SEO that still holds true and hasn’t changed. So to answer your question, ranking is irrelevant, but it’s a measure of progress because if you can’t rank even in some geo-cities, then you cannot drive traffic.

Hundreds of marketing professionals descended on this year’s Digital Summit Dallas on December 5, 2018 to network and learn about digital marketing. During Bob Tripathi’s session, Digital Marketing Trends in 2019, attendees asked questions and Bob answered! This is a compilation of a few sample questions from Bob’s Q&A from the event.

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