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Account Based Marketing Campaign


Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a focused B2B marketing tactic where Marketing and Sales work together to identify and target key accounts. The objective is to help generate more revenues for your company by working together. No wonder, in the past few years Account Based Marketing (ABM) has become every B2B marketer’s go-to-strategy and justifiably so.

ABM is not just about hyper targeting the companies you want to work but also a lot of sales & marketing alignment including targeting your contacts across their entire digital footprint. As a result, our expertise lies not only in creating a solid ABM strategy for your company but execution that drives sales results.

Account Based Marketing Campaign
Account Based Marketing Campaign

Few of the strategic and tactical deliverables you can expect working with us:

  • Setting up key ABM infrastructure for scalability including technology stack
  • Identification of your key accounts and their persona creation
  • Data gathering for key approvers and decision makers including their digital behavior
  • Creating automation rules and digital marketing campaign launch
  • Building lead scoring rules and activity tracking cadences
  • Building Sales & Marketing alignment within your company
  • Continuous data measurement and program optimization

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Our founder, Bob Tripathi, is also a sought after industry speaker on all things ABM, Watch his presentation videos below:

B2B Account Based Marketing Webinar

On-demand video

B2B Account based Marketing Video

Watch a video about ABM

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Also, be sure to download our 10 Steps to Launch Your ABM Infographic

10 Steps to Launch Your Account Based Marketing Campaign


10 Steps to Launch Your Account Based Marketing Campaign

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