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Testimonial Bob Tripathi

Mike Petsas SVP Sales & Marketing, Implementation Engineers

Bob is Extremely Smart About Search

Testimonial Bob Tripathi

As we were creating the Discover EDGE, a twice-monthly online newsletter and community for Discover Card, we worked closely with Bob Tripathi to create meaningful content that would drive SEO. Bob is easy to work with, and extremely smart about search. I’ve learned some valuable lessons from him that are really paying off with this project, and others.

Ilyce Glink Author, Speaker, Financial Wellness Advocate, Founder/CEO of Best Money Moves LLC

Creative and Goal Oriented

Testimonial Bob Tripathi

Bob is creative and goal-oriented. Also, cost-conscious and detailed-oriented. Overall, will produce results!

Snehal Shah Founder and CEO at Action Data Systems, Providence, Rhode Island Area

Fantastic to Work With

Testimonial Bob Tripathi

Bob was fantastic to work with as he organized the Instant E-Training social media for business series. As a presenter, I appreciated his communication skills and attention to detail; it definitely made for a great experience from my perspective! I would participate in one of his events again any time.

Rosemary O'Neill Founder at Narrative Network & Social Strata, Speaker, Writer, Charleston, South Carolina Area

I Would Recommend Bob as a Mentor

Testimonial Bob Tripathi

Bob was my Social Media Instructor. I have a professional advertising background, and I learned a ton of new Social Media tricks and tactics over his seven-week class. I would recommend Bob as a mentor, as well as his variety of Instant E-Training classes to anyone who wishes to keep up-to-date with their education in this ever-changing market.

Tina Hove eCommerce - Marketing - Project Management, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Rave Reviews for Instant Content Marketing Success

Free Articles by Bob Tripathi

A Must Read for Young Marketers and Seasoned Executives

Testimonial Bob Tripathi

This is the most complete and comprehensive playbook on content marketing that is out there. It offers a perfect balance between the fundamental knowledge needed to conceptualizer content marketing strategies and a practical toolkit full of ready to implement ideas. Bob does a phenomenal job laying out the core infrastructure needed to build and scale content marketing efforts including ideal process layouts, org charts and resources. It is a must read for both young marketers and seasoned executives who are looking to build robust content marketing campaigns.

Ashish Rangnekar Co-Founder, BenchPrep

Bob Truly Understands Content Marketing

Testimonial Bob Tripathi

Bob is an open and honest individual, with an extremely bright mindset. He truly understands content marketing. Instant Content Marketing Success is a book that outlines all the appropriate avenues one needs to succeed in the content marketing space. With informative outlines and examples throughout, Bob helps those that are both new and experienced in social media, search engine optimization, and lead generation to gain valuable insight into new and proven ideas that work. This is definitely a book that all business owners need to own.

Dr. Steven Lee EVP and Co-Founder at Opternative, Inc.

A Wealth of Knowledge Gathered into One Book

Testimonial Bob Tripathi

Bob Tripathi is a proven expert in digital marketing. I’ve personally watched him spread this knowledge to many fellow entrepreneurs in helping accelerate their companies’ early stage growth. I’m excited to see this wealth of knowledge gathered into one book.

Mike Shannon Co-Founder, Packback

This Primer will Put You on the Path to Success

Testimonial Bob Tripathi

As a lifelong B2B marketer, I have always believed that content is king, but I would argue that it has never been a more critical component of the marketing mix than it is today. Everyone is a publisher, and in this book, you’ll find actionable insights to help launch a content marketing effort, or take yours to the next level. From building a buyer persona and researching keywords to link building, social media and beyond, you’ll gain practical advice from the very practitioners who are redefining content marketing today. Whether you are a professional marketer, business owner or independent consultant, this primer will put you on the path to content marketing success.

Sima Dahl, MBA America's Personal Branding & Social Networking Champion The Sway Factory, Inc. |

Finally — An Easy-to-Digest Content Marketing How-To

Testimonial Bob Tripathi

Finally. A easy to digest, content marketing how-to. Tripathi has a special way of breaking down complex concepts into bite size tangible pieces that are ready-to-use. I’ve already implemented several concepts in to my marketing initiatives.

Ethan Linkner Co-Founder, VLinksMedia

“With 17+ years of deep domain expertise across marketing, sales, customer success and analytics functions, I take great pride in doing what I love. I do not work in marketing; I LIVE and BREATHE digital marketing. I am a relentless networker. So let’s connect and talk shop!” - Bob Tripathi