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B2B SEO Services Agency

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At the forefront of the SEO industry since 2001, Our founder, Bob Tripathi has lead SEO initiatives for gigantic enterprises, as well as for SMBs. At Digital Sparx, we believe in fighting SEO algorithms with algorithms. Our proprietary SEO tool, allows us to leverage our decades of human ingenuity backed by SEO algorithm. This way our clients succeed with every engagement.

B2B SEO Services Agency

Our SEO Methodology

SEO is a classic case of the more it changes the more it stays the same. Over time, the basic foundations of SEO has stayed the same so our approach is very data driven that helps us to focus on the four main pillars of SEO as listed below:

  • On-Page Optimization – On-Page SEO is where the art and data of marketing comes into play as here we go way beyond writing titles and description. We work on content optimization and rich internal cross-linking to create an on-page strategy that drives big results for your business. 
  • Technical SEO – This is where the nerdy SEO in us kicks in as we work to ensure that there is nothing that hindrances search bot’s activity to crawl and rank your web property. Few technical initiatives we undertake are server settings, your schema markups, code on your website, external configurations and site speed. 
  • Link building  – Links are the currency of SEO and the underlying foundation on which Google was created. In recent years, the Google Algorithms have made tweaks and so we focus on quality links derived from organic sources as opposed to buying links. As part of link building, we create link audit, link strategy, blogger outreach and other link building initiatives that drive your SEO results. 
  • Engagement Objects – Engagement objects like video and other interactive objects combined with social media create unique site stickiness that increases the visitors time spent on your website and total number of pages viewed. This metric is viewed positively by search engines as part of its overall algorithm. At Digital Sparx Marketing, we work closely with clients to build this engagement model as part of our SEO strategy.
  • Keyword Intent – As part of our on-page SEO, we start with keyword intent research creating buckets of targeted keywords for your business. Once we have targeted keywords in place, we create a keyword-to-content mapping exercise to ensure that each of your keywords are getting maximum exposure. We are big believers in creating topical content to maximize SEO coverage as opposed to wordsmithing content! We use a variety of keyword tools, paid search data, social data and other research tools to build a rich taxonomy of keyword tools. 

Snapshot of our SEO Results

Over the years, we have generated millions of dollars of revenues for companies with our SEO smarts. We go beyond rankings and focus on one metric that is most dear to our clients: Generating Revenues through SEO. Here’s a snapshot of results we have generated for one of our clients:

We are Industry Thought Leaders

In addition to our expertise in SEO, we are considered thought leaders and our founder has spoken at some of industry leading conferences:

B2B SEO Services Agency

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