Today’s Business Leaders Face Complex Challenges

Every day, we talk to leaders who struggle with digital marketing. Some of the most common questions we hear are:

  • How can I scale faster with Digital Marketing?
  • My paid spend is out of control! What can I do?
  • How can I better align Marketing & Sales?
  • We do SEO. Are we doing it right or leaving money on the table?
  • We know the importance of content. How do we know it’s working hard?
  • How can I use technology to automate my digital marketing processes?

Sound familiar? We get it. Digital Marketing demands expertise and precise execution …


We Help You Climb the Everest

We work side-by-side to understand your business goals and create an outcome-based digital marketing plan. A few of the tactics we leverage:

Digital marketing tactics we leverage

  • Build a solid Digital Marketing infrastructure with automation & other MarTech tools
  • Create a superior Web & Mobile presence targeting your personas
  • Drive organic and paid marketing including SEO, PPC
  • Create Content Marketing: Webinars, ebooks, case studies and blogs
  • Execute Demand Generation and Account Based Marketing (ABM)

We design digital marketing tactics based on our client’s business objectives for measurable results.

Here’s Our Social Proof

We bring the right tools and marketing technology platforms to automate your marketing campaigns.

We Use the Right Tools for the Right Job


Our Team Works for Your Success


Expertly Led by Our Founder Bob Tripathi

On the leading edge of strategic digital marketing for 17+ years, Bob Tripathi doesn’t work in marketing ― He LIVES and BREATHES Digital Marketing!

Our Founder, Bob Tripathi is a passionate, holistic Digital Marketing leader helping companies build their businesses with digital marketing. He co-authored a book, speaks at numerous conferences, writes articles, gives interviews, creates digital training workshops and has hosted hundreds of webinars.

A few highlights from Bob’s illustrious career …

  • Digital Marketer and SEO Discover Financial Services and Sears
  • Entrepreneur Tech start-ups in Chicago and San Francisco
  • Marketing Leader Publicly-listed SaaS company. Increased revenue by 250%
  • Founder Instant E-Training Online Digital Marketing education. 100K+ Users
  • Co-Author Instant Content Marketing Success


Interested in knowing more about Bob’s journey? Keep scrolling …

Bob’s Career Path


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“Our devotion to finding solutions and helping people succeed compels us to help companies improve their digital marketing practices and infrastructure. Digital Sparx Marketing is ready to help businesses achieve their digital marketing goals.” – Bob Tripathi

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