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Digital Marketing eBook

Instant Content Marketing Success eBook

Instant Content Marketing Success eBook

Topics covered:

  • 10 Keys to Content Marketing Strategy
  • Persona Development for Content Marketing
  • Keyword Research for Content Development
  • SEO & Content Marketing
  • Content Marketing with Social Media
  • Visual Content Marketing
  • Content Marketing for B2B Lead Generation
  • Building a Content Marketing Team
  • Data Driven Content Marketing
  • Five Keys to Successful Content Marketing

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Content Marketing, the cornerstone of a successful digital marketing strategy, is a key marketing tactic that enables companies to connect, convert, and retain customers and is the driver for search and social media success. In this book, learn not just from Bob but from the collective wisdom of nine other content marketing experts.

Finally, an easy-to-digest content marketing how-to, Tripathi has a special way of breaking down complex concepts into bite-size, tangible pieces that are ready-to-use. I’ve already implemented several concepts in my marketing initiatives

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Instant Content Marketing Success Book

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